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Chesta's factory is located in Shanghai, China.

Chesta is a totally vertical production facility. From sampling to custom cut and sew, product decoration, finishing and final packaging all is handled in house. With 100% control of the final outcome, Chesta can guarantee your product is of the highest quality.

Customers are invited to tour our factory anytime they are in Shanghai. We simply ask that ample time is given to make proper arrangements for a customer visit. Chesta takes very serious the responsibility we are entrusted with to protect the design and art of the products of our customers. If another customer's product is in production a full factory tour will be unavailable.

Chesta's facility has been fully approved by many large US companies. Take our factory tour to see our facility!

Top Of The Line Technology

To give our customers the highest quality, Chesta has invested heavily into technology. Chesta uses "direct to plate" technology in creating printing plates. Creating printing plates in house (as opposed to sourcing) allows us to control quality. Chesta uses top of the line Kodak direct to plate machine (formerly CREO technology) and Fuji Film aluminum plates, which are specifically manufactured for Chesta by Fujifilm. Kodak FuijiFilm Creo

Digital Sampling

Chesta utilizes the latest technology in digital printing to provide customers high quality samples in the shortest amount of time, saving the customer time and money. Digital Printing

Custom Cut & Sew

The customer is not bound to specific items that Chesta produces. By having the equipment and employing the staff, Chesta can provide the customer a product to their exact specifications. Digital Printing

Heat Transfer Sublimation

Sublimation is accomplished by heat transfer. Temperature and dwell times vary based on substrate being used. Skilled technicians ensure proper temperature and dwell time for each production run and deliver exceptional quality. Digital Printing

Finished Packaging

No product is complete without being ready for retail. Chesta puts the final touch on each product by doing our own, in house, finished packaging. Goods are delivered to the customer ready for the shelf. Chesta works hand in hand with the customer to deliver the exact brand and look they desire. Truly, a full scale OEM manufacturer. Digital Printing