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With years of manufacturing experience Chesta's commitment is customer service and value addition every step of the way. From start to finish we collaborate with our customers to deliver the right product, on time, at the right price.

Chesta's team will work directly with your product development staff, merchandising staff, buyers and managers to evaluate materials and production methods that will deliver the ideal product.

Chesta is a true OEM manufacturer and will bring an expansive production ability that allows our customers to become highly creative in their product development.

Digital Mock Up

Seeing a product can be a powerful tool in determining its final look. Chesta uses the latest art programs to bring digital mock ups of proposed products which expedite the development stage and drastically reduce sampling and shipping expense.  

Pre Production Sampling

Before committing to full scale production we will produce pre production samples for approval. This allows our customer to evaluate materials, color and overall feel of the product.  

Merchandising & Packaging

Since we produce all packaging in our factory this allows our customer to design to their exact specifications. Chesta's team will work with your team to design the right look for all your packaging.  

Quality Assurance (QA) & Quality Control (QC)

Chesta operates with the highest quality standards in mind. Delivering a product that does more than just get by is what we strive to accomplish. Chesta backs all products 100% and guarantees that all products are produced to exact customer specifications. Taking great caution, Chesta avoids many production pitfalls by understanding our customer needs long before production is ordered.  


Our customers can purchase FOB Shanghai or Landed, Duty, Paid (LDP). Chesta's LDP service provides overseas freight, duty, customs brokerage and domestic transportation to customer warehouse.  

US Customs Broker

Chesta is a licensed US Customs Broker. This allows Chesta to stay completely current with all laws regarding importing. We always supply our customers with complete and accurate shipping documents to keep all aspects of importing compliant with US Customs and Border Protection.